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When you become an LA client you are joining a very skilled team that is passionate about producing quality content, building a relationship with you, and offering the best experience possible.


All clients are required to sign a digital contract. Why? This is to confirm that you understand and respect our business operations. It is to protect you and to protect our team.


A deposit is always required to reserve your session with any of our providers. Your remaining balance is due at the time of your session. Deposits can be applied for 12 months after being paid, but deposits are never refundable.


We try to offer very fair prices for all of our services. Prices are not negotiable, but we are happy to help you find the best LA provider that fits your needs. Remember, you get what you pay for. Your investment is in our equipment, knowledge, skill, and experience.


After your session, you will receive a preview of your project. If you do not wish to have your images or videos shared on our LA Facebook or Instagram pages, please let us know. We strive to have projects returned as quickly as possible. Most projects will be delivered via email. You will have easy access to your content - to share, print, save, etc. We will help you navigate this step if needed.

All LA providers have the right to reschedule a session or project due to weather, illness, or any other unforeseen circumstance.

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